Khalid – Young Dumb & Broke

Chords and Lyrics Khalid – Young Dumb & Broke Artist : Khalid Song : Young Dumb & Broke Intro : F Am Dm C Verse 1 : F So you’re still thinking of me Am Just like I know you should Dm C I can not give you everything, you know I wish I could […]

Us The Duo – Better Together

Chords and Lyrics Us The Duo – Better Together Artist : Us The Duo Song : Better Together Verse 1 : D A There’s no combination of words Bm A I could put on the back of a postcard G D The song that I can sing Em A But I can try for your […]

Rosie Carney – Awake Me

Chords and Lyrics Rosie Carney – Awake Me Artist : Rosie Carney Song : Awake Me Intro : Am G Bm Dm G Em D C Verse 1 : Am G Water it flows Dm G Em In deserts you have made C Their surface breaks Am G Breaks like the bones Dm G Em […]

Black Honey – Cadillac

Chords and Lyrics Black Honey – Cadillac Artist : Black Honey Song : Cadillac Intro : Am C Am C Verse : Am C F C Pull my hair tell me I’m the best you’ve ever had Am C F Dm C Will you leave your “girl for me?” and hit the road Jack Am […]

Paramore – Idle Worship

Chords and Lyrics Paramore – Idle Worship Artist : Paramore Song : Idle Worship Verse 1 : D Standing here like I’m supposed to say something F#m Don’t hold your breath, I never said I’d save you, honey G And I don’t want your money. If I was you, I’d run from me A or […]

Lady Antebellum – Heart Break

Chords and Lyrics Lady Antebellum – Heart Break Artist : Lady Antebellum Song : Heart Break Verse 1 : Bm G I paint my lips red, I turn my own head D A Don’t need nobody’s help, zipping up my own dress Bm G D A Pay my own tab, with my own cash, unattached […]

Lana Del Rey – Cherry

Chords and Lyrics Lana Del Rey – Cherry Artist : Lana Del Rey Song : Cherry Verse 1 : G#m Darlin’ B6/G I said real love B6/F# It’s like feeling no fear when you’re standing in the face of danger B6/G ‘Cause you just want it so much G#m A touch B6/G From your real […]

John Legend – Surefire

Chords and Lyrics John Legend – Surefire Artist : John Legend Song : Surefire Intro : F#m D A6 (x2) Verse : F#m D A Can you just stay through the night? F#m D A Turn down the bed and the blinds A Before your turn around F#m D A Can you just stay through […]

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