Vulfpeck – Animal Spirits

Chords and Lyrics Vulfpeck – Animal Spirits Artist : Vulfpeck Song : Animal Spirits Intro : C E E7 Am Dm G (x2) C F Oo oo ooh yeah C F Oo oo ooh yeah C F Oo oo ooh yeah yeah G Ooh yeah yeah Verse 1 : C This is a true love […]

311 – Too Much To Think

Chords and Lyrics 311 – Too Much To Think Artist : 311 Song : Too Much To Think Intro : Bm G D A Verse 1 : Bm G Back again I’m holed up D A In the waiting room again Bm G Focused on the empty D A Getting underneath my skin Bm F#m […]

Leroy Sanchez – Flame

Chords and Lyrics Leroy Sanchez – Flame Artist : Leroy Sanchez Song : Flame Verse 1 : G/B Csus2 Dadd4 G/B Csus2 Dadd4 Cold in the night when I hold you close G/B Csus2 Dadd4 G/B Csus2 Dadd4 Searching your eyes, but you’re gone like a ghost Pre Chorus : G/B Csus2 Dadd4 And I […]

DJ Khaled – Shining

Chords and Lyrics DJ Khaled – Shining Artist : DJ Khaled, Beyonce & Jay Z Song : Shining Intro : Gm9 Is, is Yeah Gm9 Is, isn’t Gm9 Is, isn’t good, is Yeah Gm9 Is, is Dm We The Best Music! isn’t good enough Dm I worked my whole life for this one Isn’t good […]

Isaac Gracie – Reverie

Chords and Lyrics Isaac Gracie – Reverie Artist : Isaac Gracie Song : Reverie Intro : G D C G D Verse : G Hey, babe D What do you expect me to say? C I could tell you that I’m doing great, G D but darling I’m just not okay Verse : G Hey, […]

Todrick Hall – Color

Chords and Lyrics Todrick Hall – Color Artist : Todrick Hall Song : Color Verse 1 : C G Every day before today was never gray Am It’s always black and white F Until tonight, yeah C G I wasn’t expecting you to have me seeing sepia Am And shades of light F But it […]

Khalid – Therapy

Chords and Lyrics Khalid – Therapy Artist : Khalid Song : Therapy Intro : Am G C Dm Am G F Verse 1 : Am G C Dm Something that you’re doing has me falling all the way Am G F I’m tripping off your love and all the other drugs we taking Am G […]

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