Migos – Get Right Witcha

Chords and Lyrics Migos – Get Right Witcha Artist : Migos Song : Get Right Witcha Intro : Quavo Yeah Hook : Quavo D#m Hold up, get right witcha (I’ma get right witcha) A#m Bad bitches, fuck ’em then dismiss ’em (bad, woo) D#m I ain’t really here to take no pictures (flash) A#m Middle […]

Ace Tee – Bist Du Down?

Chords and Lyrics Ace Tee – Bist Du Down? Artist : Ace Tee Song : Bist Du Down? Intro : A#m Cm Gm (x2) Chorus : A#m Cm Gm Ey Bruder, bist du down down? A#m Cm Ey Schwester, bist du down down down? Gm Ey Baby, bist du down down? A#m Cm Ey sag’ […]

Migos – Call Casting

Chords and Lyrics Migos – Call Casting Artist : Migos Song : Call Casting Intro : Takeoff Yeah, trap shit No, no, no, no, no, no Hook : Takeoff Cm Up early in the morning trappin’ Gm You can get ’em how you askin’ Cm How many chickens? You can get ’em whichever way Gm […]

Big Thief – Randy

Chords and Lyrics Big Thief – Randy Artist : Big Thief Song : Randy Verse 1 : F G Oh Randy, leave it up to me C F I’ll pour the water if you bring the tree F G Nothing looks that real to me C F I only see two or three colors Verse […]

Migos – Culture feat. DJ Khaled

Chords and Lyrics Migos – Culture feat. DJ Khaled Artist : Migos & DJ Khaled Song : Culture Intro : DJ Khaled Em They try to play us, they play themselves Am (808 Mafia) This the intro Em For all you fuckboys that ever doubted the Migos Em You played yourself! (Another one) Fuckboy, bow […]

Amy Macdonald – From The Ashes

Chords and Lyrics Amy Macdonald – From The Ashes Artist : Amy Macdonaldx Song : From The Ashes Intro : Em Bm C (x4) Verse 1 : Em Bm C Twenty five years or so, it’s all I’ve ever known Em Bm C Pictures on the wall in the place that I call home Em […]

Bella & Filippa – Crucified

Chords and Lyrics Bella & Filippa – Crucified Artist : Bella & Filippa Song : Crucified Intro : Am F Verse : C I’m falling off my feet again E You better catch me now Am F Before I lose my mind I’m falling C So hold me now don’t let me down E You […]

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