Calabrese – Drift Into Dust

Calabrese - Drift Into Dust

Chords and Lyrics Calabrese – Drift Into Dust Artist : Calabrese Song : Drift Into Dust Intro : C G A# F Verse 1 : C G Death is our love A# F Wicked hearts to be C G High in our love A# F Wild one to me C G Oh, don’t you know? […]

Paul McCartney – Dominoes

Paul McCartney - Dominoes

Chords and Lyrics Paul McCartney – Dominoes Artist : Paul McCartney Song : Dominoes Intro : G Em6 C2 G G In time we’ll know Em6 It’s all a show C2 G It’s been a blast G As time goes by Em6 We’ll laugh and cry C2 G It’s in the past Pre Chorus : […]

Paul McCartney – Confidante

Paul McCartney - Confidante

Chords and Lyrics Paul McCartney – Confidante Artist : Paul McCartney Song : Confidante Intro : D Bb D/A (x2) Chorus : D You used to be my confidante D My underneath-the-staircase friend D But I fell out of love with you D And brought our romance to an end G I played with you […]

Passenger – Eagle Bear Buffalo

Passenger - Eagle Bear Buffalo

Chords and Lyrics Passenger – Eagle Bear Buffalo Artist : Passenger Song : Eagle Bear Buffalo Intro : E B A B E B A Chorus : A B I wanna go where the sun sinks low E B C#m B Eagle, Bear and Buffalo A B E I wanna watch the stars shine on […]

Kim Petras – Can’t Do Better

Kim Petras - Can't Do Better

Chords and Lyrics Kim Petras – Can’t Do Better Artist : Can’t Do Better Song : Kim Petras Intro : G/B C D (x2) Verse 1 : G/B C D Do anything to keep you near G/B C D Count imperfections in the mirror G/B C D No, I can’t let you leave G/B C […]

Breakbot – Another You

Breakbot - Another You

Chords and Lyrics Breakbot – Another You Artist : Breakbot Song : Another You Verse 1 : Cm7 Dm7 EbM7 You know I look for another love Dm7 Cm7 I was searching for another clue Dm7 EbM7 Dm7 But I was trying to find another you Cm7 Dm7 EbM7 You let a boy go be […]

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