Coez – È sempre Bello

Coez - È sempre Bello

Chords and Lyrics Coez – È sempre Bello Artist : Coez Song : È sempre Bello Intro : G Bm Em C Verse : G È quasi sempre bello se dal buio arriva il giorno Bm è bello se le nuvole sono solo un contorno Em A volte è bello avere 18 anni C è […]

Cat Power – In Your Face

Cat Power - In Your Face

Chords and Lyrics Cat Power – In Your Face Artist : Cat Power Song : In Your Face Verse 1 : Dm You never need, you’re American C A G You never take what you say seriously Dm You’re on the bed Dm You’re on the ledge of things C You’ve got it made A […]

Me + T – I’m Not Here

Me + T - I'm Not Here

Chords and Lyrics Me + T – I’m Not Here Artist : Me + T Song : I’m Not Here Verse : C sing me Em sing me a sad song Am make it a good one F i’m giving up on us C me and you Em i never wanted to Am but you […]

Joji – XNXX

Joji - XNXX

Chords and Lyrics Joji – XNXX Artist : Joji Song : XNXX Intro : D Oh, oh Em Oh, oh G Oh, oh Oh, oh Chorus : D I don’t really wanna run around, yeah Em Time is goin’ slow and I don’t mind, yeah G Tell me if you know I’m really found, yeah […]

Paul McCartney – Get Enough

Paul McCartney - Get Enough

Chords and Lyrics Paul McCartney – Get Enough Artist : Paul McCartney Song : Get Enough Verse 1 : F Bb There was a time when we walked by the docks F Bb I told you, I’d need you all of my life F Bb C And watching the tugs rollin’ by together, do you […]

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