Levante – Pezzo Di Me

Chords and Lyrics Levante – Pezzo Di Me Artist : Levante Song : Pezzo Di Me Intro : C F C F Verse 1 : C Un altro addio cadere nell’oblio F cercarsi per un po’ nel whisky di un bistrot Em F dove si va senza un’idea, dove si va domenica. C Un giorno […]

Fullmarx – Sex Face

Chords and Lyrics Fullmarx – Sex Face Artist : Fullmarx Song : Sex Face Verse 1 : Cadd9/E hey girl i hope you got a donor card, G cause i’m known as a lethal weapon whenever my boners hard, Em7 They commonly ignore the reason it arisen, Dadd11/F# My dick is a criminal and dont […]

Niall Horan – Slow Hands

Chords and Lyrics Niall Horan – Slow Hands Artist : Niall Horan Song : Slow Hands G We should take this back to my place D That’s what she said right to my face Em ‘Cause I want you bad, yeah, I want you, baby C I’ve been thinking ’bout it all day G D […]

Jorja Smith – Teenage Fantasy

Chords and Lyrics Jorja Smith – Teenage Fantasy Artist : Jorja Smith Song : Teenage Fantasy Intro : Am B Em G (x2) Verse 1 : Am B You weren’t the boy I thought I knew Em G Maybe I was blind, I was young, I didn’t have a clue Am B You were the […]

PARTYNEXTDOOR – Team feat. Quavo

Chords and Lyrics PARTYNEXTDOOR – Team feat. Quavo Artist : PARTYNEXTDOOR & Quavo Song : Team Intro : PARTYNEXTDOOR D#m Ferina G#m They don’t know, now they know B I’ve been too busy getting money D#m I’ve been too busy playing these games that they play G#m That they want to play with me B […]

Chuck Berry – Jamaica Moon

Chords and Lyrics Chuck Berry – Jamaica Moon Artist : Chuck Berry Song : Jamaica Moon Verse 1 : C C7sus2 Me walkin’ alone, me bring jug o’ rum C C7sus2 Me sit down on the sea shore till dee boat she come F F7sus2 Is long dee night, is quiet dee dock C C7sus2 […]

Shadow Band – Daylight

Chords and Lyrics Shadow Band – Daylight Artist : Shadow Band Song : Daylight Intro : G Verse : G Want to feel alive, C G dizzy in the green grass, the green grass, the green grass, C G for the days, for the nights I’ve laid waste Bridge : G Em Books for the […]

Papa Roach – Bleeding Through

Chords and Lyrics Papa Roach – Bleeding Through Artist : Papa Roach Song : Bleeding Through Intro : Bm G Bm E Em Bm G Bm E Em E Verse 1 : Have you been hiding From the whispers of your doubts? Are you denying me? Cause I keep on reaching out Bm G But […]

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