Lenny Kravitz – It’s Enough

Chords and Lyrics Lenny Kravitz – It’s Enough Artist : Lenny Kravitz Song : It’s Enough Intro : Am Verse 1 : Am 45 caliber in my face Shot him in the head because of his race Now that he’s dead we will plead his case While the execution is out on base Pre Chorus […]

Nikki Lane – Jackpot

Chords and Lyrics Nikki Lane – Jackpot Artist : Nikki Lane Song : Jackpot Verse : G Jackpot! I hit the number It was always you G I was looking for sevens, they were coming in twos C G I was on a bad streak and honey, it was getting me down G Down to […]

Lucas Hoge – Power Of Garth

Chords and Lyrics Lucas Hoge – Power Of Garth Artist : Lucas Hoge Song : Power Of Garth Intro : D G D G Verse : D G My old man worked his fingers to the bone D G But always made time for us when he got home D He’d grab mom and me […]

Marco Mares – Flaquita

Chords and Lyrics Marco Mares – Flaquita Artist : Marco Mares Song : Flaquita Versus 1 : Cmaj7 Con solo mirarte Gmaj7 No es difi¬cil adorarte Cmaj7 Tu solo déjame acercarme Gmaj7 Que tu risa quiero congelar Cmaj7 Contigo soy travieso Gmaj7 Y aun que no te hablo te confieso Cmaj7 Que tus labios yo […]

Lil Durk – Granny Crib

Chords and Lyrics Lil Durk – Granny Crib Artist : Lil Durk Song : Granny Crib Intro : C#m C#m C#m G#m Hook : C#m Came a long way to a mansion crib C#m I had roaches out my granny crib C#m Jumped into the streets on accident G#m Police snatched me up they better […]

DeSchoWieda – Easy Rider

Chords and Lyrics DeSchoWieda – Easy Rider Artist : DeSchoWieda Song : Easy Rider Intro : C G Am F C G F F Verse 1 : C G Am I schwing mi auf mei Radl nauf und fahr los F einfach nur grad aus C G F I ha nit vui dabei, nur mei […]

Rolo – Too Blind

Chords and Lyrics Rolo – Too Blind Artist : Rolo Song : Too Blind Intro : Bbm Verse : Bbm G# C# I left a thousand roses right on your doorstep, Bbm G# C# but you just don’t see them no mo’ Bbm G# C# Spent endless hours thinking about you, Bbm G# C# but […]

PRETTYMUCH – 10,000 Hours

Chords and Lyrics PRETTYMUCH – 10,000 Hours Artist : PRETTYMUCH Song : 10,000 Hours Intro : Yeah It’s PRETTYMUCH Verse : Gb F They say (what?), time is money (okay) Ab Bbm Abm Db You know I’m still young (yeah), gonna spend all mine on you Gb F Practice (hey), it makes perfect (woo) Ab […]

Matti Jurva – Kaunis Veera

Chords and Lyrics Matti Jurva – Kaunis Veera Artist : Matti Jurva Song : Kaunis Veera Verse : Dm A7 Dm A7 Sätkät, sätkät, parrun pätkät Dm Gm Dm A7 sinisellä Saimaalla seilattiin Dm A7 Dm Poijat, jätkät, pitkät pätkät Gm Dm A7 Dm Kaunista Veeraa me katseltiin C7 F C7 F Ja sen tervahöyryn […]

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