DNCE – Still Good

Chords and Lyrics DNCE – Still Good Artist : DNCE Song : Still Good Intro : D F#m G Verse 1 : D F#m G I’m giving you love, why you giving up? Bm F#m G I’m grabbing your clothes off the floor and I’m waiting for something to slow you down D F#m G […]

Press Club – Suburbia

Chords and Lyrics Press Club – Suburbia Artist : Press Club Song : Suburbia Verse : C#m A C#m A Lately I’ve been mistaken for crazy I keep on reacting E B Baby it’s hard and you’re making it harder A I keep running back to you C#m A C#m A These old days are […]

Aisha Badru – Bridges

Chords and Lyrics Aisha Badru – Bridges Artist : Aisha Badru Song : Bridges Verse 1 : Ab We were worlds apart C# So I fell from the stars Ab F# I travelled long and I travelled far Then deep in the dark Ab C# I followed a spark Ab F# And it led straight […]

Gazzelle – Martelli

Chords and Lyrics Gazzelle – Martelli Artist : Gazzelle Song : Martelli Strofa 1 : Am Em G Ho perso tutto, tutto d’un botto Dm Am Ho svuotato le tasche, c’era Caterina Em G Che mi guardava da sopra a sotto Dm Col viso dell’anno scorso Am Em G Che noia era la primavera Dm […]

DMA’S – For Now

Chords and Lyrics DMA’S – For Now Artist : DMA’S Song : For Now Intro : F# B A (x2) Verse : F# All I need to know, she’s dead to me B A Eyes are running strange, head’s driving me insane F# All I need to say in every way B Don’t come running […]

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