Juanita Stein – Florence

Chords and Lyrics Juanita Stein – Florence Artist : Juanita Stein Song : Florence Intro : Am Verse 1 : Am Em Working for a living, working for some peace of mind G Am Working for the freedom which you’ll never find Am Em Working for survival, working for the middle man G Am You […]

SUHO – Dinner feat. Jane Jang

Chords and Lyrics SUHO – Dinner feat. Jane Jang Artist : SUHO & Jane Jang Song : Dinner Intro : F C Am Verse 1 : F ilgopshi ban C Am gidarim geokjeong eomneun geunyeo shigan Am F wensoneul teoge gwegon heurin miso C seoneulhan naenggie noga Am neul gateun menyureul eulpeo Verse 2 : […]

LOCASH – Don’t Get Better Than That

Chords and Lyrics LOCASH – Don’t Get Better Than That Artist : LOCASH Song : Don’t Get Better Than That Intro : D Verse : D A Ever caught a buzz floatin’ down the river Ever looked in the her eyes and seen forever G D G Ever smelled the air right after the rain […]

Paradise Fears – Sleep

Chords and Lyrics Paradise Fears – Sleep Artist : Paradise Fears Song : Sleep Intro : C Dm F C Verse : C Seven months on her own a new life on the way C Her mom gone too early C Advice come too late Dm The churches were full F C So I guess […]

EPICA – Unleashed

Chords and Lyrics EPICA – Unleashed Artist : EPICA Song : Unleashed Intro : Em Declining, all color fading Em Defining, time coming for me Em Rescinding, my inspiration Em Receding consciousness Am F (x2) Link : Am Am Am Am Verse : Am Back in the day, I can recall that My thoughts were […]

The Lake Poets – Edinburgh

Chords and Lyrics The Lake Poets – Edinburgh Artist : The Lake Poets Song : Edinburgh */ Capo 2 Verse 1 : G Am Em I applaud your timing G Am C I applaud your style G Am Em Now I feel like dying G Am C It’s been this for a while Verse 2 […]

Mack Brock – Greater Things

Chords and Lyrics Mack Brock – Greater Things Artist : Mack Brock Song : Greater Things */Capo 4 Intro : C D Em C D Verse 1 : C D Em My life is built on Your faithfulness C D Em My hope is held in Your promises C D I take each step with […]

Kacey Musgraves – Space Cowboy

Chords and Lyrics Kacey Musgraves – Space Cowboy Artist : Kacey Musgraves Song : Space Cowboy Verse 1 : C Am You look out the window Em F While I look at you C Am Sayin’ I don’t know Em F Would be like saying that the sky ain’t blue C Am And boots weren’t […]

Axel Flóvent – City Dream

Chords and Lyrics Axel Flóvent – City Dream Artist : Axel Flóvent Song : City Dream Intro : G Am (x2) F F (x2) Verse : Am G Oh, my love Am G F I’ve been really upside down Am G But honestly Am G F I feel much better now Am G Cause I […]

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