Fall Out Boy – Church

Chords and Lyrics Fall Out Boy – Church Artist : Fall Out Boy Song : Church [Intro] : Em C D (x2) [Chorus] : Em D C D If you were church, I’d get on my knees Em D C D Confess my love, I’d know where to be Em D C D My sanctuary, […]

The Hunna – Flickin’ Your Hair

Chords and Lyrics The Hunna – Flickin’ Your Hair Artist : The Hunna Song : Flickin’ Your Hair Intro : Cm C Bb Eb Ab Cm Verse : Bb I’m at the hotel bar Eb Ab I’m drinking on my own Cm And then I see you Bb And you’re dressed to impress Eb Ab […]

The Chainsmokers – Sick Boy

Chords and Lyrics The Chainsmokers – Sick Boy Artist : The Chainsmokers Song : Sick Boy */ Capo 2 Verse 1 : Dm Am I’m from the east side of America, where we choose pride over character Dm Am And we can pick sides but this is us, this is us, this is Dm Am […]

Polaris – LUCID

Chords and Lyrics Polaris – LUCID Artist : Polaris Song : LUCID Db All out of exits, all out of enemies Db You built this prison and buried the key Db Bbm I’ve given up on giving in Db Bbm Db Bbm Db Temptation mocks me from a distance, but I won’t let it win […]

George Ezra – Paradise

Chords and Lyrics George Ezra – Paradise Artist : George Ezra Song : Paradise */Capo 4 Intro : G Verse 1 : G My love (my love) G My lover, lover, lover D G I’m in paradise whenever I’m with you G My mind (my mind) G My m m m m mind D G […]

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