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Alec Benjamin – Settle Down

Alec Benjamin - Settle Down

Chords and Lyrics Alec Benjamin – Settle Down Artist : Alec Benjamin Song : Settle Down Verse 1 : E He set out with a backpack B A compass in hand E To steal Mona Lisa B F# And that was his plan E A modern day outlaw B He’ll take what he can E […]

Arjun Kanungo – Tu Na Mera

Arjun Kanungo - Tu Na Mera

Chords and Lyrics Arjun Kanungo – Tu Na Mera Artist : Arjun Kanungo Song : Tu Na Mera Intro : Bbm Db Ab Db Ab Verse 1 : Bbm Db Main soch’ta hun kiya hey tuh mera Ab Joh bhi hey sach hey Ab Yan hey khuyaab sa Bbm Db Paih chantein hain jaan tey […]

Alessia Cara – 7 Days

Alessia Cara - 7 Days

Chords and Lyrics Alessia Cara – 7 Days Artist : Alessia Cara Song : 7 Days Verse 1 : Dm If there’s a God Do you think he’s looking down, curled up on his couch right now? As we fail to figure it out, does he turn down the sound? Is he proud? Are we […]

Ariana Grande – thank u, next

Ariana Grande - thank u, next

Chords and Lyrics Ariana Grande – thank u, next Artist : Ariana Grande Song : thank u, next Intro : F E7 Am C7 Verse 1 : F Thought I’d end up with Sean E7 But he wasn’t a match Am Wrote some songs about Ricky C7 Now I listen and laugh F Even almost […]

AJ Tracey – Doing It

AJ Tracey - Doing It

Chords and Lyrics AJ Tracey – Doing It Artist : AJ Tracey Song : Doing It Intro : Cm Pre Chorus : Cm There’s no way you can tell man that Cm I can’t do what I want to (I do what I want) Cm There’s popstars that I’ve been with and Cm I’ve got […]

Anna Leone – I Never Really

Anna Leone - I Never Really

Chords and Lyrics Anna Leone – I Never Really Artist : Anna Leone Song : I Never Really */Capo 4 Intro : G Bm Em Em (x2) Verse 1 : G Bm Em All my truth G Bm Em Drowned in water deep G Bm Em And I never followed down G Bm Em No, […]

Aisha Badru – Bridges

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Chords and Lyrics Aisha Badru – Bridges Artist : Aisha Badru Song : Bridges Verse 1 : Ab We were worlds apart C# So I fell from the stars Ab F# I travelled long and I travelled far Then deep in the dark Ab C# I followed a spark Ab F# And it led straight […]

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