Birdtalker – Blue Healer

Chords and Lyrics Birdtalker – Blue Healer

Artist : Birdtalker
Song : Blue Healer

Intro : E  A  C#m (x4)

Verse : 
E                           A             E
Enter Sadness, with his rainboots in blue
                               A            E
Since I can remember I've been runnin' from you
                                              A       C#m
But this time you sat your ass down with no intent to move
             E      A  E
You ain't no Blue Healer

Verse : 
E                                         A       E
well the longer that you sit here lookin' into my eyes
                              B         E
The shock of your arrival, it begins to subside
                                    A            C#m
And as i drop my defenses you start to crack a smile
          E     A  E
Are you a Blue Healer

Chorus : 
E              A
Well i've been proud and
Lookin' in a mirror that's clouded
with smoke keepin me shrouded
          C#m B
believing i'm fine
But you Wipe Clean
All of these illusions that ain't me
Now you've got me lookin' and i hate me
A             C#m    A  E
Where is my spine?

E A C#m

Verse :  
E                                 A     E
Peace, you told me, I'm only here to reveal
                                                           A         E
Where you've been stuck and where youre going if you're lookin' to heal
                                                     A            C#m
But you've gotta drop these vain addictions and hang on to whats real
E   A   E
you healer

Bridge : F#m  C#m  F# B
         F#m  C#m  A

F#m                C#m     F#
I want to welcome every shadow
                   B               F#m
instead of taking everyone to battle
                       C#m          A   B
i'm climbing back up into the saddle

Chorus 2 : 
And now i stand tall
used to think my sorrow was a brick wall
Made me want to curl up in a tight ball
Self-Pity dealer
B             A
But there's a gate here
you can only find it if you wait here
now i'm walkin' through it with my gaze clear
           C#m   B     E
Me and the Blue Healer

Outro : 
E  A C#m
E  A C#m
E  A C#m 


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