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Charlee Remitz – BMW

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Chords and Lyrics Charlee Remitz – BMW Artist : Charlee Remitz Song : BMW Intro : Cm Bb Eb Ab (x4) Verse : Cm Bb I’ve been replaced by some busy body in the lobby she ain’t a whore Eb cause you say she got some hobbies Ab yeah you say she got some chores […]

Casper Allen – Carving Creases

Casper Allen - Carving Creases

Chords and Lyrics Casper Allen – Carving Creases Artist : Casper Allen Song : Carving Creases Intro : G Em C G D Verse 1 : G Em Well how can you tell a man which way to go? C G D Em Though there’s two lanes on the highway, they both run on the […]

Cut Copy – Black Rainbows

Cut Copy - Black Rainbows

Chords and Lyrics Cut Copy – Black Rainbows Artist : Cut Copy Song : Black Rainbows Verse : D I woke up, but was far from home D Living a life that was not my own C D Oh oh, oh oh D Places familiar but they’re not the same D I have some strangers […]

Coez – È sempre Bello

Coez - È sempre Bello

Chords and Lyrics Coez – È sempre Bello Artist : Coez Song : È sempre Bello Intro : G Bm Em C Verse : G È quasi sempre bello se dal buio arriva il giorno Bm è bello se le nuvole sono solo un contorno Em A volte è bello avere 18 anni C è […]

Cat Power – In Your Face

Cat Power - In Your Face

Chords and Lyrics Cat Power – In Your Face Artist : Cat Power Song : In Your Face Verse 1 : Dm You never need, you’re American C A G You never take what you say seriously Dm You’re on the bed Dm You’re on the ledge of things C You’ve got it made A […]

Calabrese – Drift Into Dust

Calabrese - Drift Into Dust

Chords and Lyrics Calabrese – Drift Into Dust Artist : Calabrese Song : Drift Into Dust Intro : C G A# F Verse 1 : C G Death is our love A# F Wicked hearts to be C G High in our love A# F Wild one to me C G Oh, don’t you know? […]

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