Car Seat Headrest - Kimochi Warui (Lyrics + Chords)

Car Seat Headrest – Kimochi Warui

Chords and Lyrics Car Seat Headrest – Kimochi Warui

Artist : Car Seat Headrest
Song : Kimochi Warui

Intro : C Caug C Caug

Verse : 
C                               Caug
Hey Will, why don’t you cut the shit
    C                             Caug 
and tell me who you’re fighting for?
Am                           Asus4
if you’re not taking care of yourself 
then what are you here for? 

  F                              F6
I used to think there was an answer 
in the music of my youth 
C                              Cadd9
but I just read Brian Wilson’s biography 
F#dim              F
and now I know the truth 

C           Caug         C6
because his father never loved him 
and the band just wanted money 
and Dennis was an alcoholic 
Fmaj7       F6
who drowned looking for treasure 

C        Caug         C6
and everyone who was around him
just gave him drugs and took his money 
he was dependent on social acceptance 
just like every other human 

Chorus : 
             C/G   Csus4/B Am     Am/D
and now I’ve got no one to pray to 
         C/G   Csus4/B  Am       Am/D
and I’ve got nowhere to stay the night
         C/G  Csus4/B Am Am/D    C/G Csus4/B Am C6 F6
and it’s hard to      be here at all 

Verse : 
I have no faith in life 
to leave me satisfied 
I’ll have my fears and worries 
until the day I die 

and I will not go to heaven 
and I will not go to hell 
C                  Cadd9
I have no faith in death 
     F#dim        F
to be anything at all 

C Caug(add9) F

C             Caug              
some of these things are symptoms 
and some of these are being human 

Chorus : 
         C/G  Csus4/B Am Am/D
and I am torn between 
C/G       Csus4/B     Am Am/D
trying to be a better man 
    C/G    Csus4/B Am          C/G Csus4/B Am Fadd9
and trying to accept the man I am 

Outro : 
The people that I’ve talked to 
and the books that I’ve read 
C                                        Caug
and the tv shows and movies that I’ve seen 

are all I have to turn to 
to learn how to live 
Fmaj7                    F6
but when? When? When? When? 
When? When? When will I ever learn?

End : C Caug Am F (x2)

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