Case/Lang/Veirs - Blue Fires (Lyrics + Chords)

Case/Lang/Veirs – Blue Fires

Chords and Lyrics Case/Lang/Veirs – Blue Fires

Artist : Case/Lang/Veirs
Song : Blue Fires

Verse 1 :
              G                       D
Why does the heart of the flame burn blue?
          G               D
Why do January cherries bloom?

Chorus :
Em                           G                    
Why do blue fires burn in me
           D A G
Yet not in you?

Verse 2 :
Em            D       A                 Em
How can the prairie flocks keep their courses true
G                              D
And navigate the stars as they do? 

Chorus :
Em                             G
How can blue fires burn in me
    D      A Em
Yet not in you?

Bridge :
Em                     G
You tell me you’re here
Your words are like fumes
They just disappear
Now all of the heat’s 
D                  A  G
Rushing out of the room

Verse 3 :
G            D            A          Em
The hottest part of the flame burns blue
G                D
January cherries bloom
G            D A Em
But not in you
G            D A G
Yet not in you

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