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AURORA – It Happened Quiet

Chords and Lyrics AURORA – It Happened Quiet Artist : AURORA Song : It Happened Quiet Intro : Cm Verse 1 : Eb Db Eyes blue and hollow Bbm Ab As it rains against their will Eb Db Feathers falling out of a pillow Bbm Ab As if time’s standing still Pre Chorus : Fm […]

AURORA – In The Night

Chords and Lyrics AURORA – In The Night Artist : AURORA Song : In The Night Verse 1 : Gm All alone she was living F In a world without an end or beginning Dm Babygirl was living life for the feeling F But I don’t mind, I don’t mind Gm And all the wrongs […]

AURORA – Running With The Wolves

Chords and Lyrics AURORA – Running With The Wolves Artist : AURORA Song : Running With The Wolves Verse 1 : Dm Go row the boat F To safer grounds Am But don’t you know C We’re stronger now Dm My heart still beats F And my skin still feels Am My lungs still breathe […]

Aurora – Täydelliset

Chords and Lyrics Aurora – Täydelliset Artist : Aurora Song : Täydelliset Am G F Am Sä saat unohtaa duunit, löysää sun kireet ruuvit, tänään pyörät saa G F Am G F Am vihdoin pysähtyy. Järjestä meille aikaa, lähde retkelle mun kaa, mitä jos G F annettais pölyn laskeutuu. Dm F G Mut kuopataan huolet […]

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