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Julia Jacklin – L.A. Dream

Chords and Lyrics Julia Jacklin – L.A. Dream Artist : Julia Jacklin Song : L.A. Dream Intro : F#m B E Fdim F#m F#m B E Verse : F#m B Why’d you go to the grocery store E Fdim F#m On the day you planned to leave F#m B You left me here with all […]

Julia Jacklin – Sweet Step

Chords and Lyrics Julia Jacklin – Sweet Step Artist : Julia Jacklin Song : Sweet Step Intro : F/C G/D (x4) Verse : F/C G/D F/C G/D I was dancing for a while F/C G/D F/C G/D See I was trying to perfect the style F/C G/D Out on that dancefloor F/C G/D Ooh, boy […]

Julia Jacklin – Hay Plain

Chords and Lyrics Julia Jacklin – Hay Plain Artist : Julia Jacklin Song : Hay Plain Intro : E Verse : E Driving home the road makes me feel smaller E My fear forces my hand into the shoulder A And I feel you darling on my own E Every mile brings you a little […]

Julia Jacklin – Motherland

Chords and Lyrics Julia Jacklin – Motherland Artist : Julia Jacklin Song : Motherland Intro : G Am Am7 Am C G (x2) Verse 1 : G These new lines on my face G Spell out “girl pick up your pace Am D If you want to stay true to what your younger self would […]

Julia Jacklin – Elizabeth

Chords and Lyrics Julia Jacklin – Elizabeth Artist : Julia Jacklin Song : Elizabeth Intro : Dmaj7 E Dmaj9 E (x2) Verse : Dmaj7 E So shaky Dmaj9 E So fine Dmaj7 E Dmaj9 E Standing up there, baby oh you look so divine Dmaj7 E So harsh, Dmaj9 E That bright stage light Dmaj7 […]

Julia Jacklin – Leadlight

Chords and Lyrics Julia Jacklin – Leadlight Artist : Julia Jacklin Song : Leadlight Verse 1 : G Am I was once a Sunday kneeler C D G When I saw the leadlight, fall from the pane G Am I didn’t know that the grass, was not only greener C D G Upkeep is cheaper, […]

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