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Julien Baker – Even

Julien Baker - Even

Chords and Lyrics Julien Baker – Even Artist : Julien Baker Song : Even Verse 1 : Bm Dno5 When is it too many times Bm Dno5 To tell you that I think of you every night G E5 I don’t want to make it hard on you Bm Dno5 I could be cruel Bm […]

Julien Baker – Televangelist

Chords and Lyrics Julien Baker – Televangelist Artist : Julien Baker Song : Televangelist Verse 1 : C Am Em7 my heart is gonna eat itself Fmaj7 C G i don’t need anybody’s help Fmaj7 C Em7 it’s just me the vacant and nobody else Fmaj7 Am Fmaj7 C at least that’s what i tell […]

Julien Baker – Red Door

Chords and Lyrics Julien Baker – Red Door Artist : Julien Baker Song : Red Door Intro : Dadd4add9 Gmaj13 (x2) Verse 1 : Dadd4add9 You’re gonna break your hand Bm Gmaj13 Tell me not to fight anymore Dadd4add9 But I feel yellow as a coward Bm Pale as a flickering bulb Gmaj13 At the […]

Julien Baker – Vessels

Chords and Lyrics Julien Baker – Vessels Artist : Julien Baker Song : Vessels Verse 1 : Bb D Gbm G Tell me in thin paper Bb D A G About your love Bb D Gbm G Breath like thick water Bbm D A G Lives in my lungs Verse 2 : Bb D Gbm […]

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