Category: Robyn Cage

Robyn Cage – Capacity

Chords and Lyrics Robyn Cage – Capacity Artist : Robyn Cage Song : Capacity Intro : A C# A E E/G# A C# D E A Verse : A you’re taking every measure C# to keep me satisfied D you’re paying close attention A E/G# to the details I hide A there’s something in me […]

Robyn Cage – Annabelle’s Dance

Chords and Lyrics Robyn Cage – Annabelle’s Dance Artist : Robyn Cage Song : Annabelle’s Dance Intro : Gm Cm (x2) Gm swinging brown curls, taffeta swirls Cm it’s Annabelle’s Dance Gm tiny pink toes, a turned up nose Cm stars in her hands Gm she’s tossing her stars up into the sky Cm sparkling […]

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