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Kim Taehyung – Scenery

Kim Taehyung - Scenery

Chords and Lyrics Kim Taehyung – Scenery Artist : Kim Taehyung Song : Scenery Intro : Eb Cm Ab Eb Verse 1 : Eb kkoccdeuri gadeukhan georie Fm Cm oneuldo geudaereul boneyo Ab Eb nae ane damgyeojilkkayo Cm Saebyeog dari jinan gongwone jigeum nae gamjeongeul damayo Ab Eb i noraen geudael hyanghaeyo Ab Fm Bb […]

Krezip – Lost Without You

Krezip - Lost Without You

Chords and Lyrics Artist : Krezip Song : Lost Without You Verse 1 : Fm Eb Dbm Ab I hold your hand and squeeze it softly cause I realize Fm Eb Dbm Ab I love you more now than I ever did before Fm Eb Dbm Ab For the bitter and the sweet and through […]

Kim Petras – Can’t Do Better

Kim Petras - Can't Do Better

Chords and Lyrics Kim Petras – Can’t Do Better Artist : Can’t Do Better Song : Kim Petras Intro : G/B C D (x2) Verse 1 : G/B C D Do anything to keep you near G/B C D Count imperfections in the mirror G/B C D No, I can’t let you leave G/B C […]

Kylie Minogue – Love

Kylie Minogue - Love

Chords and Lyrics Kylie Minogue – Love Artist : Kylie Minogue Song : Love Intro : C Verse 1 : C Love is a matter of taste Don’t let her go to waste F Love is whoever you wear Put it on and lay her bare C Love is wherever you are Wishing on the […]

King Princess – Upper West Side

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Chords and Lyrics King Princess – Upper West Side Artist : King Princess Song : Upper West Side Verse 1 : A E7 You’re so rich, bet you bought yourself a diamond chain A E7 To look real cool while you’re telling all your friends it’s fake Bm But you know it’s lies F#m Another […]

King Princess – Holy

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Chords and Lyrics King Princess – Holy Artist : King Princess Song : Holy Intro : A# F A# Gm Am F Verse 1 : A# F I ain’t got no time, no A# Gm Am ‘Cause when this day is done F I still got shit to run A# F I could make it […]

Knuckle Puck – Nervous Passenger

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Chords and Lyrics Knuckle Puck – Nervous Passenger Artist : Knuckle Puck Song : Nervous Passenger Chorus 1 : Fm Eb/G G# Take me anywhere Fm Eb G# I am a nervous Fm passenger I’ll Eb/G G# make it back if I Fm Eb can I won’t make G# you wait forever Verse 1 : […]

Kailee Morgue – F**K U

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Chords and Lyrics Kailee Morgue – F**K U Artist : Kailee Morgue Song : F**K U Intro : B Ebm Abm (x2) Verse 1 : B Ebm Abm He calls me a hot head, then he sets me on fire B Ebm Abm He said that it’s my fault that he’s a liar B Ebm […]

Kacey Musgraves – Space Cowboy

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Chords and Lyrics Kacey Musgraves – Space Cowboy Artist : Kacey Musgraves Song : Space Cowboy Verse 1 : C Am You look out the window Em F While I look at you C Am Sayin’ I don’t know Em F Would be like saying that the sky ain’t blue C Am And boots weren’t […]

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