AURORA – It Happened Quiet

Chords and Lyrics AURORA – It Happened Quiet Artist : AURORA Song : It Happened Quiet Intro : Cm Verse 1 : Eb Db Eyes blue and hollow Bbm Ab As it rains against their will Eb Db Feathers falling out of a pillow Bbm Ab As if time’s standing still Pre Chorus : Fm […]

Rat Boy – Public Identity

Chords and Lyrics Rat Boy – Public Identity Artist : Rat Boy Song : Public Identity Intro : If I was one of these guys I wouldn’t waste my time in the same room as you That’s right, boys like you, you learn your lesson Verse 1 : F#m Get hit in the chest by […]

RAT BOY – Knock Knock

Chords and Lyrics RAT BOY – Knock Knock Artist : RAT BOY Song : Knock Knock Verse 1 : A Is that end of the road it’s not like insecurity A Wanna be roadman A Tendency split personality A You know what I’m talking about A You were there that night A You know the […]

TRAMPOLENE – Beautiful Pain

Chords and Lyrics TRAMPOLENE – Beautiful Pain Artist : TRAMPOLENE Song : Beautiful Pain Chorus : A G A# You give me such a Beautiful Pain A# C A God knows why I need it again A G A# Why do I pick my body up off the floor A# C A When giving in […]

Blessthefall – Wishful Sinking

Chords and Lyrics Blessthefall – Wishful Sinking Artist : Blessthefall Song : Wishful Sinking Verse 1 : G F You were the flame, but your burned out easily G You see the light through the dark F But you can’t quite see through me G G And every word that you waste, every breath that […]

Terez Wrau – Foxes

Chords and Lyrics Terez Wrau – Foxes Artist : Terez Wrau Song : Foxes Intro : C Dm C Dm Verse : C Dm I wanna be your woman C Dm I love the way it feels C Dm when you hold me in your arms, I’m safe Bb C Dm and in your eyes […]

Keywest – All My Mistakes

Chords and Lyrics Keywest – All My Mistakes Artist : Keywest Song : All My Mistakes Intro : G Cadd9 Em Cadd9 G Verse 1 : G Cadd9 G She likes her whiskey sharing a glass with ice G Cadd9 G She’s a heart breaker and she’ll break your heart up nice Em She’s the […]

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