Low Roar – Bones

Chords and Lyrics Low Roar – Bones Artist : Low Roar Song : Bones Bm A First of March, it’s clear to me Bm G It’s something that’s uncomforting Bm A Your body has a way with me Bm G But I’m exactly where I wanna be F#m Em But I’m a long way from […]

Appino – Rockstar

Chords and Lyrics Appino – Rockstar Artist : Appino Song : Rockstar Intro : A Compagna di niente Dbm Ti va di culo che non so cantare A Se lo avessi saputo fare Dbm Non me ne starei mica qui a bere E Ma su di un palco D Con le luci tutte ben puntate […]

Texas – Tell That Girl

Chords and Lyrics Texas – Tell That Girl Artist : Texas Song : Tell That Girl Verse : D Try, try to figure A Out what it all means G As the sunset on G Your silly suburbia in dream D You don’t love her, no A You couldn’t couldn’t possibly G If you loved […]

Calcutta – La Tua Saliva

Chords and Lyrics Calcutta – La Tua Saliva Artist : Calcutta Song : La Tua Saliva Verse 1 : G Tu sei una donna per me Am Am/G# nel senso che D Gmaj7 per me tu sei una donna G Siamo stati uniti domenica Am Am/G# soltanto a ripensarci D Gmaj7 mi vien la pella […]

Billie Eilish – Another Stupid Song

Chords and Lyrics Billie Eilish – Another Stupid Song Artist : Billie Eilish Song : Another Stupid Song Verse 1 : C#m A F#m You’re saying that you miss me, oh well C#m A F#m Never even got a kiss without a countdown C#m It’s time to face the facts A You treat me like […]

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