Diva Faune – Get Up

Diva Faune - Get Up

Chords and Lyrics Diva Faune – Get Up Artist : Diva Faune Song : Get Up Intro : C#m A C#m Verse 1 : C#m A Some like their dreams to fill their days E G#m C#m Inside their broken hearts they wait C#m A The future’s fire lights up the grey G#m E Until […]

Julien Baker – Even

Julien Baker - Even

Chords and Lyrics Julien Baker – Even Artist : Julien Baker Song : Even Verse 1 : Bm Dno5 When is it too many times Bm Dno5 To tell you that I think of you every night G E5 I don’t want to make it hard on you Bm Dno5 I could be cruel Bm […]

Anna Leone – I Never Really

Anna Leone - I Never Really

Chords and Lyrics Anna Leone – I Never Really Artist : Anna Leone Song : I Never Really */Capo 4 Intro : G Bm Em Em (x2) Verse 1 : G Bm Em All my truth G Bm Em Drowned in water deep G Bm Em And I never followed down G Bm Em No, […]

Stan Walker – Thank You

Stan Walker - Thank You

Chords and Lyrics Stan Walker – Thank You Artist : Stan Walker Song : Thank You Intro : Amaj7 F#m Yeah, yeah, yeah Bm7 E Yeah, oh Verse 1 : Amaj7 Momma, you the best in the world F#m You’re more than diamonds or pearls Bm7 Help me my weak times E You kept my […]

Lauv – Don’t Matter

Lauv - Don't Matter

Chords and Lyrics Lauv – Don’t Matter Artist : Lauv Song : Don’t Matter   Chorus : Bb Fsus4 Gm Eb Nobody wanna see us together, but it don’t matter, no Bb (‘Cause I got you, babe) Fsus4 Nobody wanna see us together Gm Eb But it don’t matter, no (‘Cause I got you, babe) […]

DJ Khaled – No Brainer

DJ Khaled - No Brainer

Chords and Lyrics DJ Khaled – No Brainer Artist : DJ Khaled Song : No Brainer Intro : F G Am We the Best Music! Csus2 G F Another one! F G Am DJ Khaled! Chorus : F G Am You stick out of the crowd, baby, it’s a no brainer Csus2 G F It […]

Kylie Minogue – Love

Kylie Minogue - Love

Chords and Lyrics Kylie Minogue – Love Artist : Kylie Minogue Song : Love Intro : C Verse 1 : C Love is a matter of taste Don’t let her go to waste F Love is whoever you wear Put it on and lay her bare C Love is wherever you are Wishing on the […]

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