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Tilian – Hold On

Tilian - Hold On

Chords and Lyrics Tilian – Hold On Artist : Tilian Song : Hold On Chorus 1 : A E C# B Hold on to me now, you’re not invincible A E C# B If you let your guard down, I’m not gonna let you fall A E C# B Hold on to me now, I’m […]

The 1975 – Be My Mistake

The 1975 - Be My Mistake

Chords and Lyrics The 1975 – Be My Mistake Artist : The 1975 Song : Be My Mistake Intro : C F C F C G C F F Verse 1 : F C And be my mistake F C Then turn out the light F C G/B She bought me those jeans Am C […]

The Northern Folk – Cold

The Northern Folk - Cold

Chords and Lyrics The Northern Folk – Cold Artist : The Northern Folk Song : Cold Intro : Dm F Bb Edim7 C#dim7 Verse 1 : Dm F He keeps all his sleepless nights Bb In the bags under his eyes Edim7 And he asks if it’s alright C#dim7 Dm If I leave after we’re […]

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