The Handsome Family – The Sea Rose

Chords and Lyrics The Handsome Family – The Sea Rose

Artist : The Handsome Family
Song : The Sea Rose

Intro : G

Verse 1 :
  G             D             G
Wrapped in the weeds of the shallows 
C                          G
   In the moon's drifting light 
 C                G
Calling from the cold, wet rocks, 
           D           G
the sea ro-ose of the low tides

Verse 2 :
   G        D             G
A passing ship along the coast 
C                   G
   heard her sadly calling 
     C               G  F#/G Em
and turned its sails to the sound, 
        G         D        G
of the rose, the sea rose calling

Refrain :
        Em         D           G
In the waves, the waves she's calling

Chorus :
 D                   C       G
Lonely, lonely, my heart is dark 
C       G                D
   the rocks lie cold beneath me
       C             G F#/G Em
Come closer, closer darling one
       G  D         G   
We'll marry in the seaweed

Solo : G  D  G  C  G    
         C  G  F#/G  Em  G   D   G

Verse 3 :
G                D             G
On the passing ship, a sailor boy, 
C                         G
   he heard the sea rose calling 
      C              G  F#/G Em
and from the bow he dove on down 
        G          D         G
to the waves, the waves are falling

Refrain :
     Em         C          G
The waves, the waves were falling

Verse 4 :
 G     D               G
Come, come my darling boy 
C                  G
    into my arms awaiting
 C                 G    F#/G  Em
Down, down in the cold, dark sea 
     G  D            G
I'm waiting here to love you

Chorus :
D                 C     G
To her arms, her lovely arms, 
C       G                     D     
   the currents pulled him splashing, 
 C               G    F#/G     Em
but her body was only foaming waves 
         G    D             G
and her voice   just water rushing

Outro :
        Em        C        G
In the waves the sea rose falling
        Em         D         G
In the waves, the waves, my darling
     Em         D        C      G
The waves, the sea rose calling


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