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Drake – Right Hand

Chords and Lyrics Drake – Right Hand Artist : Drake Song : Right Hand Hook : Dm A# You my right hand, you my go to Dm Told me everything about you A# That’s a bold move Dm I know that you’re out here A# And there’s things you gotta go through Dm A# Just […]

Dua Lipa – Genesis

Chords and Lyrics Dua Lipa – Genesis Artist : Dua Lipa Song : Genesis Intro : G C Em C D Verse 1 : G In the beginning C Em God created Heaven and Earth C D For what it’s worth, I think that he might’ve created you first G Just my opinion Am Em […]

DAY6 – Say Wow

Chords and Lyrics DAY6 – Say Wow Artist : DAY6 Song : Say Wow Intro : Bbm A D G Verse 1 : C B Bb A E ibi damureojiji ana A geujeo nollawo C B Bb A eotteoke neon hanbeone nunbitmaneuro E nal butjaba A eodil mot gagesseo Pre Chorus : F#m G E […]

DAY6 – I Would

Chords and Lyrics DAY6 – I Would Artist : DAY6 Song : I Would Verse 1 : D mianhae i mari Asus4 A wae geuttaen geureokedo Bm D/F# D/G eoryeowotdeon geonji ijen D Asus4 A neoege amuri sorireul jilleobwado Bm D/F# neoneun deutji mothae Pre Chorus 1 : D/G Bm A D/F# D/G majimak neoye […]

DJ Khaled – I’m The One

Chords and Lyrics DJ Khaled – I’m The One Artist : DJ Khaled Song : I’m The One Intro : G Em C D (x2) Pre Chorus : G Em C Yeah, you’re lookin’ at the truth, the money never lie, no D I’m the one, yeah, I’m the one G Em C Early mornin’ […]

Detour – Biram

Chords and Lyrics Detour – Biram Artist : Detour Song : Biram Intro : F Gm A# F (x2) Verse 1 : F Gm I kuda sada pobjeci, u šume ili gore, A# F u Irsku il’ na more, negdje gdje je cišci zrak F Gm Pogodi kamo idemo kad vode nas ludaci, A# F […]

Dvicio – Qué Tienes Tú

Chords and Lyrics Dvicio – Qué Tienes Tú Artist : Dvicio Song : Qué Tienes Tú Intro : Cm G# D# A# Tal vez no sirva de nada mi mejor esfuerzo Cm G# D# A# no hay palabra en este mundo que te haga cambiar Cm G# D# A# Elegiste tu camino aunque yo quede […]

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