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Taylor Ray Holbrook – These Hands

Chords and Lyrics Taylor Ray Holbrook – These Hands Artist : Taylor Ray Holbrook Song : These Hands Verse : Am Saturday night, seein you out G Pulling you in you lookin around F The look in your eyes I’ve already found G Why you’re so on edge I’m figuring out Am What makes you […]

The Afters – When You’re With Me

Chords and Lyrics The Afters – When You’re With Me Artist : The Afters Song : When You’re With Me Intro : C F C Verse 1 : C Waiting, I was waiting F C So many long and lonely nights C Searching, I was searching F C For something I could never find G […]

Tibz – Nation

Chords and Lyrics Tibz – Nation Artist : Tibz Song : Nation Verse : Em On se voit, on se connait G Quand nos regards se croisent on s’attire D On se promet les plus belle phrases Em G Je te dirai que moi la préface je la connais D La nation s’embrase Instrumental : […]

THEY. – Dante’s Creek

Chords and Lyrics THEY. – Dante’s Creek Artist : THEY. Song : Dante’s Creek Intro : Am Dm G Cmaj7 (x2) Chorus : Am Dm G Cmaj7 I don’t wanna wait for our lives to be over Am Dm G Cmaj7 Em If it happened now, would you take it how you left it? Am […]

The Big Moon – Sucker

Chords and Lyrics The Big Moon – Sucker Artist : The Big Moon Song : Sucker Intro : Bm G Em Bm G Em (x2) Verse 1 : Bm G Em You were in my bed Bm G Em I heard what you said D A G Well you were in my bed D A […]

The Maine – Taxi

Chords and Lyrics The Maine – Taxi Artist : The Maine Song : Taxi Chorus : C Em In the backseat of the taxi D G D When you told me we were only C Em D Two punch drunk souls all tangled in the wind C And in the backseat Em D G D […]

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