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The Wombats – Lethal Combination

Chords and Lyrics The Wombats – Lethal Combination Artist : The Wombats Song : Lethal Combination */Capo 1 Verse 1 : A Baby, let’s go and get blind tonight F#m I’ll hold your hair back and you’ll hold mine, D oh, oh, oh, oh A oh, oh, oh, oh A Say it’s all over, unleash […]

The Wombats – White Eyes

Chords and Lyrics The Wombats – White Eyes Artist : The Wombats Song : White Eyes */Capo 1 Verse 1 : Em Bm A I don’t know how to deal with these New York City blues Em Bm A It’s not much of a weekend, there’s one of me and all of you Em Bm […]

The Wombats – Black Flamingo

Chords and Lyrics The Wombats – Black Flamingo Artist : The Wombats Song : Black Flamingo */Capo 1 Intro : A E B F# Verse 1 : A E B F# The more I teach it, the less I can A E B Quick out the gates but slower out the pinecone A E B […]

The Wombats – Turn

Chords and Lyrics The Wombats – Turn Artist : The Wombats Song : Turn */Capo 1 Intro : F C Am G Verse : F C Am I jump from thought to thought like a flea jumps to a light G F You could give an aspirin the headache of its life C F Maybe […]

The Wombats – Cheetah Tongue

Chords and Lyrics The Wombats – Cheetah Tongue Artist : The Wombats Song : Cheetah Tongue Intro : Em D A Hook : Em D A I cut off my head and my cheetah tongue Em D A I can’t think straight and my mouth is numb Em D A Don’t shut your eyes till […]

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