Indah Kusuma – Jangan Lihat Tangisku

Chords and Lyrics Indah Kusuma – Jangan Lihat Tangisku Artist : Indah Kusuma Song : Jangan Lihat Tangisku Intro : D G D G A Verse : D G Bahagia pada awal mulanya A D Sempurna bagai tiada cela Bm F#m Bm Berkata Kau kan slalu bersama G Hingga akhirnya kau berpaling A Benarkah tak […]

Jane Zhang – Dream It Possible

Chords and Lyrics Jane Zhang – Dream It Possible Artist : Jane Zhang Song : Dream It Possible Verse 1 : Cm A# I will run, I will climb, I will soar Fm I’m undefeated Cm A# Jumping out of my skin, pull the chord Fm Yeah I’d believe it G# Cm D# A# The […]

Astrid S – Breathe

Chords and Lyrics Astrid S – Breathe Artist : Astrid S Song : Breathe Intro : A I forget to Verse 1 : E A It’s been a week since you hit my bed E A F#m E And since then, you’ve started living in my head, eh E A Seven days and I’m nearly […]

Dua Lipa – Genesis

Chords and Lyrics Dua Lipa – Genesis Artist : Dua Lipa Song : Genesis Intro : G C Em C D Verse 1 : G In the beginning C Em God created Heaven and Earth C D For what it’s worth, I think that he might’ve created you first G Just my opinion Am Em […]

ODESZA – Line Of Sight

Chords and Lyrics ODESZA – Line Of Sight Artist : ODESZA Song : Line Of Sight Intro : Db Ab Db Fm Verse 1 : Db Ab I’m facing back to front Db Fm Over my shoulder at the sun Db Ab And it’s an open door Db Fm End of my line of sight […]

Aminé – Redmercedes

Chords and Lyrics Aminé – Redmercedes Artist : Aminé Song : Redmercedes Pre Chorus : Em9 With my niggas in my red Mercedes Em9 Attitude like fuck you, pay me Em9 Rolling deeper than Adele when we go out C If the ladies show up, then we show out Em9 With my girl in my […]

Ryan Hurd – We Do Us

Chords and Lyrics Ryan Hurd – We Do Us Artist : Ryan Hurd Song : We Do Us Intro : G Em Em C G Em C G (x2) Verse 1 : G D Late to the party cause girl we’re the party G C You’re the tequila and the salt and the lime G […]

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