Prince – Baby I’m a Star

Chords and Lyrics Prince – Baby I’m a Star Artist : Prince Song : Baby I’m a Star Verse 1 : Dsus2 C/D Bm/D Dsus2 Hey look me over Am7 Am7 G/A Am7 G/A Tell me do U like what U see? Dsus2 C/D Bm/D Dsus2 Hey I ain’t got no money Am7 Am7 G/A […]

Jazz Morley – Bad Love

Chords and Lyrics Jazz Morley – Bad Love Artist : Jazz Morley Song : Bad Love Intro : C Verse 1 : C G F Come to bed tonight C G F Help me feel alright again C G F Show me I’m the one Am G Cause all the things you said keep running […]

Laura Gibson – Not Harmless

Chords and Lyrics Laura Gibson – Not Harmless Artist : Laura Gibson Song : Not Harmless Am G Am I came clean and there you went G C G Am Stitching up every single seam I split Am G Am You wanna heal me, wanna trace the scars G C G Am Gonna light a […]

FLETCHER – Wasted Youth

Chords and Lyrics FLETCHER – Wasted Youth Artist : FLETCHER Song : Wasted Youth Intro : B G#m D#m F# (x3) Verse 1 : E We got a lot of time to get it right E G#m B It feels good to mess it up, maybe don’t think about it F# Going late at night […]

The Outs – Quero Voar

Chords and Lyrics The Outs – Quero Voar Artist : The Outs Song : Quero Voar Intro : C6/G Verse 1 : C6/G Ontem vi meu caminho mudar Cmaj7/G E não me esperar entender C6/G Uma onda veio depressa pra cá Cmaj7/G Mas eu não consegui ver Chorus 1 : C#6/G# G# A imagem do […]

Maddie & Tae – Just Fine

Chords and Lyrics Maddie & Tae – Just Fine Artist : Maddie & Tae Song : Just Fine Intro : D D Bm A (x2) D Bm A Where’s your ring and where’s your man D Bm A Where’s your paycheck, what’s your plan D Bm A Where’s your pretty white picket fence D Bm […]

James Blunt – Someone Singing Along

Chords and Lyrics James Blunt – Someone Singing Along Artist : James Blunt Song : Someone Singing Along Intro : Am Verse 1 : Am Somebody’s gonna wave a flag C Somebody’s going to attack Dm Someone will tell you to take a side F Tell you their version of wrong or right Am Somebody’s […]

Chris Brown – Privacy

Chords and Lyrics Chris Brown – Privacy Artist : Chris Brown Song : Privacy Intro : Am G Dm/F Em/G F Verse 1 : Am7 G I need your body in ways Dm Em F6 That you don’t understand, but I’m losing my patience Am7 G ‘Cause we’ve been going o ver and over again […]

Anja Nissen – Where I Am

Chords and Lyrics Anja Nissen – Where I Am Artist : Anja Nissen Song : Where I Am A#m С# You’re lost in my game but your love is repeating F# Fm Always around, you’re never holding me down A#m С# I know who you are, true colours are showing F# Fm Though my heart’s […]

Nathan Trent – Running On Air

Chords and Lyrics Nathan Trent – Running On Air Artist : Nathan Trent Song : Running On Air A It’s been a long time running D E ‘Cause I had some things to see A I had to meet some people D E Who were there to believe in me A I’m taking all that […]

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