Blanca – Echo

Chords and Lyrics Blanca – Echo Artist : Blanca Song : Echo Intro : D Bm G (x2) Verse 1 : D One thousand four hundred and forty minutes Bm Every day I gotta decide G How am I gonna live it D I’m gonna take a chance to be the difference Bm Every day […]

Microwave – Neighbors

Chords and Lyrics Microwave – Neighbors Artist : Microwave Song : Neighbors Verse 1 : Db Fm Gb Ab I forgot my stupid wallet in my car Db Fm Gb Ab And we have walked like seven miles away Db Fm Gb Ab From where we parked the car cause we wanted food, but we […]

Microwave – Wrong

Chords and Lyrics Microwave – Wrong Artist : Microwave Song : Wrong Verse 1 : C#m G#m A E Did you soil the sheets where your conscience sleeps? F#m E B There’s a half-gallon of bleach beneath the kitchen pipes C#m G#m A E Let’s keep this brief, I was about to leave and F#m […]

Nadia Reid – Reaching Through

Chords and Lyrics Nadia Reid – Reaching Through Artist : Nadia Reid Song : Reaching Through Verse 1 : Ab Db I keep the art separate from the love Ab Db I always keep the truth separate from my heart Ab Db If knew how to ride it, I would surely understand Ab Db That […]

Ami – Fairytales

Chords and Lyrics Ami – Fairytales Artist : Ami Song : Fairytales Intro : Em C G G (x2) Chorus : Em C G Em C G No, I don’t believe in fairy tales no more, because I saw how life can be Em C G Em C G No, I don’t believe in fairy […]

Surf Curse – Nostalgia

Chords and Lyrics Surf Curse – Nostalgia Artist : Surf Curse Song : Nostalgia Intro : B F# E (x2) Verse : B F# E I’m not with you anymore B F# E But I still dream about it B F# E You’re the tumor in my head B F# E And I can’t live […]

Lucius – Something About You

Chords and Lyrics Lucius – Something About You Artist : Lucius Song : Something About You Intro : Bb Eb Gb Eb Bb Db Fm Gb Verse 1 : Gm F Follow me, just trust me Eb It’s gonna be a good thing for us Gm F I know that you’re worried Eb There is […]

Crossing Worship – I Believe

Chords and Lyrics Crossing Worship – I Believe Artist : Crossing Worship Song : I Believe Intro : A Asus A A Asus A Verse 1 : A When my heart is tired, F#m And I’m crippled by the trails, D E All around me, though I can’t see, A Asus A A Asus A […]

The Menzingers – After The Party

Chords and Lyrics The Menzingers – After The Party Artist : The Menzingers Song : After The Party Intro : Bm G (x4) Verse : Bm It’s the little things my mind commits G To etch behind my eyelids Bm Like getting stoned when we wake up D A Coffee grounds and coffee cups Bm […]

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